Wednesday, October 31, 2007

U miss mi?

So sorry tat i haf not been blogging for more than 1 month (tats really long man!). I was too busy with my work as well as my rotting sessions at home. LOL.Well, the first 2 wks of the Oct month, i hardly went back to work cos i was clearing my OT. I was ordered to clear my 80+ OT hours b4 my colleague go for maternity leave in late nov or early dec. So, i lan lan haf to clear them. Managed to cut dwn to 30+ hrs. Tat was considered not bad liao. I gt more comming in in nov cos i did OT in month of oct again! Damn! Its like snow balling sia, no endding sia! But, i like it!

Was busy for the last 2 wks of the month due to preparation of road show @ MW. Actually i didnt do much thing other then drafting the layout plan and helping the set up on the actually day. The set up on site was really fuck dup. Due to some ppl's poor planning, we haf to do the set up till 2.30am... Wonderful rite? Jus liek wat i went through in my army dayz.. All cock up sia! Small little road show oso can cock up and still dare to say tat he is doing a gd job. Wake up! wake up! Tat will not happen if he juz follow according to wat we haf planned out at first. Dun be a cock and tink tat u will fly one day. Damn!

@$%%$#^$@##$^*^&#$%#$ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, stop toking abt tat cock. He really pissed mi off.. I requested to take a day off tml and i got it. I can say tat oct was a gd month for mi . Gd sales with adequate rest. Dear will be happy for mi too. Lets pray tat Nove will ba another superb month too! Huat ar!

I think i will sleep till late. Nice weather tonite, raining heavily somemore. Best to roll in bed !!! Ehmmm.... Shiok!

One last thing, i miss my dear too! Was too busy with the roadshow recently. We can continue our supper expedition frm tml onwards. =)

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