Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wake mi up pls!

Haf not been blogging for past 1 wk i guess. Too lazy with work. Haf couple of new psp games to fight on oso. Not really in gd mood to blog oso as sales is really damn damn bad! Eventhough the hungry ghost festival is over, the market is still like very quiet. Damn quiet indeed. Juz imagine i hardly haf any customers waking pass my showroom everyday after 6pm. Take note, my showroom is @ Paragon. Its scary man! I can actually bring along my pillow n bolster to sleep in the showroom without any disturbance! (mayb bring a blanket oso, i scare too cold.)

Well, i did nothing meaningful for the past few days other than reading up 2 books & meeting up with my army buddies. Yes! You never heard wrongly, i did finished reading 2 books tat i borrowed frm my bro. =) ... I felt much knowledgeable after reading those books man! (ps: not playboy or FHM ok.) Actually both books are those short horror stories writien by local writer. Tink u shd haf heard of Russell Lee rite? Tats him. Since my colleague is not ard for tat period, i haf to find my oen entertainment. Sound pathetic rite? No choice... Tats the cheapest way to pass my time here. =)

Haf our monthly supper session again on tuesday nite @ newton. There were 2 new members joining us this time round who were Andy & Darren which actaully increase the total of ppl to 6! Well done! However, recieved feedback whether can we change the location for the next session as ppl were getting tired of the food there. Well, i tink tat isint a big problem since most of us r driving. Mayb we can haf the next session at ChompChomp or 85 (darren will be damn happy!). No matter where the session is held, i really njoy the meet up. Not tat we haf a table full of food, its all the craps tat we tok abt for that 2 to 3hrs. Hahaha.. Purely no gfs or wivies ard, tats y i call it the "men's nite supper"! Sounds lame~ The hot topics tat we tok abt is not other but tat great local assassin who heong out a SAR21 frm his unit without any notice frm those guards. We were really impressed by him. =) Local version of Rouge Assassin? I was told that he actually wan to bring tat weapon to sweep off her gf's family. Nap sia~ HK assassins like Chow Ren Fat & Jet Lee are totally no fight with him man!

There is another thing tat make us damn excited which is the oncumming ICT in Jan2008. Juz can wait to go back n slcak together bunk. Heard tat it might or might not be a stay-in training. 2 weeks leh! Stay in? Siao bo! Cant buy 4D & TOTO sia! Haf to bring along my psp sia! Cant imagine tat i haf to swallow those disgusting cook house food for 2 wks again! I tink this ICT will turn out to be a slimming programme for mi~. Free and still can get free gift! Despite of all those lousy food, i tried to comfort myself tat training with them will b fun. Hahaha. Not forgetting those crazy things we will do in bunk! Suddenly, i miss army life! OMG!

Not to forget something important. Today is our small small rememberable day for dear & mi. Happy 18 Mths Anniversary dear! =) 18mths is juz the begining man! I tink tat there will b more cumming in rite dear? Hahaha. Shall we go for a small small supper session tonite to celebrate this small small anniversary? =)

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