Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Kill U . Kill Mi . Kill Bill

Juz changed my blog song due to unpopular demand. LOL. Haf to change oso lah. If not go ppl will start calling mi Uncle Tan. Well... this piece of music is actually from my fav movie "Kill Bill". Those ppl who nvr watched tat b4 shd now rush to youtube to watch straight away!. U will like tat movie oso if u r like mi, insane! (i haf watched both part I & II for more than 10 times, Try to beat mi man)...
Yesterday was my off day. Other then sleeping till late, haf a long day out in town to accompany dear for her interview. Guess wat? The office is juz next to Paragon! Really hope tat she can get in that company so it will be more convenient to meet up for lunch break next time man! LOL.. Anyway, still haf to wait for further notice b4 they ask her to turn up for work. Good Luck Dear!
We went for some snackz & kopi after the interview @ Far east. I went for a hair cut @ my frequent salon. Was tired of my messy n untidy hair. So straight away ask her to gif mi a short n cool style. No chances man! It was really short! Dear even call mi "ah ping ge" !!!! But frankly speaking, i feel my head was lighter after that bloodly 42bucks hair cut..... Worth it? Who cares~
Last nite was first day of sch for dear. Went down ard 2100hr to fetch her frm PSB which is juz behind Tiong Bahru MRT station. Reached there pretty early man. Now then i noe SK to TB takes ard 20mins man! We went straight for supper @ AMK. Skipped my dinner last nite so i was damn hungry lor!
Was a long day for mi yesterday but i felt tat it was one of my most fruitful off day i ever haf! ZZZZZzzzzzz...

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