Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bad Sales Month

Juz came back from 2 continous off days. Felt fresher indeed after a 48hrs short break. Due to the rainy weather for past 2 days, many of the programes tat i planned b4 hand haf to b cancelled. Annual Zoo trip is one of them. Yes , it sounds ridiculous for 2 ppl to go on such a trip on a rainy day rite? My colleague even said tat we haf nothing better to do. LOL.

Sales were really bad this month. Mayb its due to the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival. I onli managed to close 2 deals this month, unlike i closed 3 deals in one day last month. LOL. Terrible rite ? To make things worse, 4D & Toto oso makan clean clean. Nabei! I tok to my fellow fren working juz opposite my showroom. She said tat her sales oso flopped like shit. Think not onli furniture trade is suffering in this month man. Luckily i managed to break tat big egg b4 i went Hk earlier this month. If not things will b worse.
However, no matter how bad the sale is, life haf to be carried on as per normal. Tats wat dear & mi are capable of doing. Despite the heavy rain yesterday, we still went down to Fortunate Restaurant @ TPY for some Tim Sum action. Guess wat 2 greedy fellows will do there. Enjoy of cos! Yes, i did say tat i need to cut dwn on my supper and i am really trying very hard to do so man! Haf been doing finger exercise on my PSP daily! Who dare to say tat i am in need of workouts man?!?!?!?! I really wish to get back in playing basketball which i played almost daily last time. However, its really hard to find a basketball court in Sengkang man!(I noe its a excuse). I guess i can squeeze out some time on my wkend to join my frens for some jamming actions as i was given approval to clear my OT on wkends. Hope i can start shooting balls on the court instead of shoot balls in arcade.

Happy grazing huh? I will join u pretty soon! :)

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