Wednesday, August 22, 2007

ManU's Crisis - The Conspiracy !

Those folks who haf been watching EPL for the past 2 wks shd noe tat our Dear Sir Alex Feguson has been dropping hair recently. All thanx to 2 of his fav toys, mr Goo-Ni & mr Ro-none-do. I am too happy to see such situation man!! More shiok than striking 4D !

U r right... I am a anti-ManU. A sole supportor of Chelsea FC and sometimes Newcastle United (provided they dun "chu" pattern, weak heard sia!). I noe tat not many ppl like Chelsea FC. Complaining tat they r using money to buy tat damn trophy. WTF! Think of it man! If u think they shdnt spent so much money to buy some gd players, u think one club can win tat trophy back ? Wake up lah! Face the reality man! In this world, onli those rich will survive! (especially in sillypore) I ready tink tat they did the rite thing by throwing in such a huge sum for the players. But who cares? Their Boss is damn f@cking rich !!

Take a look @ ManU, they oso buy in couple of new players. U tink like tat no need to pay money ar? They oso paid a huge sum man! So dun complai tat its unfair. Cos god is fair to make this world unfair! Actually sillypore can do tat oso. Juz buy afew gd players from EPL or Spanish Le. I'm sure tat World Cup isnt a dream anymore. LOL.

Nvm...Tat will nvr happen. Better dun waste time on it. I rather go sleep! Hope tat ManU gana THRASHED by Chelsea in my dream. Plus Fergie polishing mourinho...... HO HO HO!

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