Friday, August 10, 2007

I'm back!

Hei Folks! I'm back! Juz touched dwn last nite @ Changi Airport. Nah bei! No ppl cum and welcome mi with banners or flowers sia! All muz be busy sleeping.No presents for all of u! No choice. Haf to take a cab back with dear.

Toking abt presents, the 6 of us really shopped through the whole 6 days. From morning till late nite. Nothing but shop and eat! Dear and i were out of control man! She bought ard 5 pairs of shoes & ard 10 tops.. I was even worse! I completed with 3 pairs of shoes with ard 18 tops! Plus 3 watches and few other items. Both of us went there with total of 2 luggage but we came back with 5 & few hand carried bags! Shiok rite!

Will try to upload the fotos asap. Got to work today when the rest of the 5 folks can rest at home and sleep till late! So unfair!

Nah bei! @#$$%^^%#@@#$@#*%$%&* !!!!!!!

Alright lah, juz haf to fight through today then i can sleep till late tml. Stay tuned for my fotos folks!

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