Sunday, January 20, 2008

Back To Work

Well... Juz ended my 2 wks of holiday in Clementi Camp. It was indeed a fun & memorable one. Long time since i last saw some of my platoon mates like eddy & mark. Training for 2 wks was really damn slack (not shag). I think i shoudnt haf called tat training. LOL. It was like a waiting session in camp. We juz wait for whole day for things to happen. Pretty cool huh? It was a stay out ICT somemore. WTF!!! Y so shiok man?? I really feel damn guilty. Really... However i stayed in camp on most of nites with yj as the travelling distance frm our house to camp was a killing part. We rather hug each other in bed (which we nearly did) than to travel to and fro everyday.

But we did book out on few evenings to meet up our platoon sgt at nite for some sessions (dun anyhow tink, its pure meet up sessions). Overall i really enjoy my ICT this yr. I really pity those who haf to sweat like shit when they go back. To mi, the most shag part of the whole 2 wks was to climb up the stairs to my bunk on the 5th floor. =)

Not happy with it? Suck thumb then~

Went few shopping sessions with my dear (aka platoon sgt) for past few days as CNY is approaching. I manage to buy all my stuff in one day which i really haf to cos i hardly haf time once i start work again. Thanx for dear who accompany mi for the shopping spree eventhough she didnt manage to buy as many as mi. Dun worry dear, u still haf another 2 wks!

It is a Sunday but I am blogging in my work place now. Pretty sad rite? Hahaha.. Its ok.. I will be on off tml and half day on tuesday.

Tuesday is my birthday man.... Wheres my winning ticket ?

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