Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tell Laura I Love Her by 梁家辉

Haha.. Very long time since i last "blocked". Miss mi? 2 of my bra actaully complained to mi tat my blog is rotting. Yeh man, haf to agreed with them. Not tat i was too busy but i was juz too lazy. Hahaha... Its okie. Let mi do a recap of wat actually happened from end of Jan until now.

Well, February was really a busy month for mi due to CNY. Got to help up my family as well as my own job. But i was happy. Enjoyed myself on the gambling table in my house. One setback was tat i didnt strike any toto or 4D in CNY month. Hahaha. Got to work harder to achieve tat.

March was a wonderful month! SONG SONG! Why? Hahaha. Well, together with the rest of my colleague, we broke the sale record and create a new high score on the table! Song Bo! Hahaha. Another special and meaningful thing was tat i celebrated my 24th Month Anniversary with my dear dear! 双喜临门? Haha. Indeed a gd month for both of us. Hope tat we will celebrate our 36th mth next year together in another country. Who noes?

As for month of April, quite a number of shitty stuff happened. I dun wish to tok abt it cos it was really damn shitty. April is a happy month for dear cos she will say gd bye to her exam for the time being!!! Wooo~ Song bo???? Hahah. . On top of tat, we haf actaully booked for a short get away trip to Bangkok in first week of May which is juz next month. Pretty fast huh. Supposed to be a last minute trip and we didnt actually think of where to go at first. Will be quite exciting and happening trip i guess cos onli 2 of us will be going. Its a free and easy trip whereby 2 blur kukus got to plan all shit out of nothing. Challenging ar? Eventhough this is not the first time we going BKK but this F&E is really a challenging task for mi. However, i was still once a Alpha Team leader leh, this type of task wont bring mi down sia!! SONG BO!!! Hahaha. Actually i haf already done those important things like tickets for flight and hotel rooms. Juz need to wait for the day to come. Hope dear will enjoy our "1st free and easy couple trip". Treat it as a warm up for our main highlight in Oct !!

For the past 2 months, we did tried out some new eating places as well as some movies. Haha. Got to share with u all some of my crazy stuff again~

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