Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oldies Vs Newbies

Came across the Suzuki Lapin (shown below) few days back. Found tat it looks very smiliar to the Austin Mini Clubman produced in the 70s . Haha. Retro strike back sia. However the new Lapin is a juz a 658cc japanses kei car. Weighing a mere 790kg, the fuel consumption is a very healthy 19.8 km/l. The Lapin comes in both turbo and non-turbo versions. The turbo engine churns out an impressive 64bhp while the non-turbo one manages 54 bhp.
However the killing part is the price. Will u pay $58k juz to get a 658cc young sweet thing? Tink abt it. =)
Dun forget some problems u will face if u wan to get one.
- Ah bengs & ah sengs will over take you. Point @ u and laugh.
- Ur demanding gf will wan to break up with u.
- Ur grandparents will ask "hei boy, how cum u buy the same car tat we drove 30 yrs ago?"
- U r travelling at 100km/h and the car starts to tremble. Ur gf will ask u " is tis the fastest u can go?" as she see a evo overtake u. Song bo?


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