Thursday, May 01, 2008

Holiday Mood

Well, today is my last day of work b4 i go for my short short trip with dear tml. Will be going to Bangkok for 4 days and will be back on Monday nite. Haha. Holiday mood liao sia! Got to wake up early tml morning @ 04 00 and set forth to T1 as we will be taking the morning flight. Dun think i will be sleeping early tonite as will be meeting with YJ & Ben with their respective PS for some prata action @ Thomson after work. Song bo? Supposed to be a last min session so didnt ask many ppl. Sorry if i miss out out anyone.

As for our trip to BKK, i guess we will take many fotos so stay tunned to my block as i will update our fotos pretty soon!

Gan! i got no mood to block at all sia! Holiday mood !!!! SONG BO!!!!

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