Thursday, May 08, 2008

Holiday No More!

I am back. Back from a short short shopping trip. Spent some money there to buy back some very gd memories. Of cos, done some "light" shopping and bought some goodie back.

Well. A total of :
17 T-shirts
4 Polo tees
9 Belts
7 Shirts
5 Watches
4 Sandals
3 Working pants
3 Bermudas
2 Shoes
2 Ties
2 Jeans
2 Wallets
Plus some other tiny little tings. Not many stuffs bought rite? I oso tink so. Actaully dear and i went with 2 empty luggages but came back with 6. LOL.. And dun forget the fine we paid for the overweight luggage. ;)

This was the damage done to my piggy bank :

Flight / Accommodation - S$460.00
Shopping / Food / Transportation - S$1100.00
Fine - S$108.00
Total Damage - S$1668.00

Supposed to be a short and budget trip but i dun noe y end up i can spend so much alone. The sum stated above is juz my part onli, nor including my PS's. Song bo? Ben is rite. He said tat tings will be worse if we were to visit Tokyo . Hahaha. But i tink tat money was well spent. Gd food daily eventhough it was a free & easy trip. Later part i will post all those gd food as well as junk food tat we had tried. My motto tat i set b4 the trip was "Juz Wack". And i tink we really did tat. I remember tat mum did ask mi whether we going there for sight seeing or shopping trip. I told her its neither. We going there to 扫货. Song bo? I oso tink so. Got many ppl asked mi tat "Wah. U buy so many tings but ganna fined so much. Wu hua bo? Not worth it lah" ... Yeh. Tats the common question i faced for the past 2 days. Even my dad asked mi tat. Tink of the fine tat i haf paid, i felt quite painful but when i look at wat i haf brought back, i am a happy man. =)

Anyway, i haf been back to work for 2 days liao. Sales is really bad or shd i say tat the whole market out there is like a dead town. I haf been staring at the walk way outside for past few days. the crowd level is really bad. Not tat i lazy dun wan to fight for sales but the real situation is tat there is no one i can fight with
Fortunately i managed to break my egg tis evening be4 i left. It was a small egg but i am happy enough as least i manage to haf a gd start. Hope tat tml i can hatch not onli one dinosaur egg but many many more. Song song!

I predict nothing exciting will take place next week until Vesak day. Well, we are planning for a Picnic @ Sentosa on tat PH. Sounds stupid? Yeh, i noe my PS will raise her both hands to agreed. Hahaa. Sometimes we need to do some stupid tings once awhile to spice up our life. Agreed Yj? ( Yj, dun always suan mi tat i nver update! Lim bei now doing a long long one OK! Song bo? ). Back to the picnic outing, we agreed tat each of us will bring along one cook food to share so it will be a very gd effort and everyone will haf the chance to take part.

I will stop here. Try to upload some fotos of my trip first. For further info, pls visit my PS's blog here.


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