Tuesday, August 12, 2008

3 - S

Actually there is no need for mi to haf this entry. Its juz 不说不爽. While i was travelling to work today, i keep pondering abt tat incident happened in office yesterday when i was on off. Same old incident. This time round the "victim" is one of my colleague who ganna slapped for other ppl's mistake. Poor ting. Well, if u tink tat the problem is solved over one solid day, u jolly well go n slap urself too. =) Problems are never solved here due to the culture. So how? Juz got to adapt to it ~

Now i am very confident that one haf to haf the capabilites of 3 types of person in order to survive or to be "successful". I call it the 3 - S Let mi enlighten those ppl who r interested in joining my team. =)

1. Siam-ster - U got to be a Siam-ster for sure. U got noe how to siam if there is a task or a problem thrown to u suddenly out of no where. To make tings worse, the task or problem got nothing to do with u at the first place. U got haf the ablilty and skill to "expand" or "contract" at all times ( i doesnt mean any parts of the body) when u face any problem. Siam here siam there is a daily routine. Dun try to face the problem regardless of the high level of confident u haf. It wont be appreciated. U will be suan-ed for being "over reactive" instead. Be a moving target board instead of a stationary one, its enhence ur life bar in company.

2. Sit-ter - Up to a point tat u cannot siam anymore, u gt to be a sit-ter. Its not tat give up to go home n baby sit ur kids ok! Being a professional sitter, u gt to sit on the problems or tasks if fail to siam them. This is really an Art of dealling with problems. FYI, i onli manage to master 30% of the skill till now. In order to be a gd Sit-ter, u gt to be really bo-chap no matter wat happen up to a point tat the problem hits a situation whereby it concerns abt ur pocket. Otherwise, juz sit on it!!! Simply "No Money No Talk" mode. However, even if u speak up or take actions on the problems, outcome might not be wat u expected as support given by the management is always the minimum. Within minimum support cums minimum responsibility. Tats damn true!

3.Smoker - This is the final stage and the most important stage. No matter whether u smoke Marlboro or Dunhill, it doesnt concern mi at all. The smoker i am toking abt is someone who can actaully smoke-out (army term) when problems hit the most critical point. In tat situation, there is no way to siam or sit liao. Onli way is to smoke out and retrograde. Ladies who haf not been in the army will not noe the term of smoke out. Smoke out means tat whenever we face any dangers in the forest when we r out for missions, the safest ting to do before we retrograde is to throw a smoke grenade. No matter the enemy is a human or a beast, the smoke will provide a best cover for u to escape. So it applies here in my company oso. Smoke-out at suitable timing will eventually save our @ss in this company. Once the smoke grenade is thrown, the management will be blurred by the smoke thus problem will subside for awhile. As u noe, sillyporeans r very forgetful, they will tend to forget the incident/problem after a period of time. Well, an example of a effective smoke-out. =)

So anyone who tink he or she haf the capabilities of the 3 - S,

Welcome on board !


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