Thursday, August 07, 2008

The 8M Plan

Well, one pic tells it all rite? Yes. I am refering to the ultimate 8M TOTO draw commencing tml 080808. 8M sia, can really do alot of tings with it. However, one haf to be very HENG in order to win tat prize alone. No point sharing the prize with another 2 or 3 winners. One solid solid winner will be damn gd!

I haf actually discussed with my love ones abt the 8M prize juz in case i "sway sway " manage to strike the big prize tml. I haf came up with a plan on how i am going to deal with the 8M solid cash. Let mi state out the plan man!

Out of the 8M prize :

-1M will be shared between my parents. (Consider adequate for them. Dad can rent out his stall and retire frm tat moment. Mum can enjoy high tea sessions with her sisters or frens daily without fail. Special medical care attention will be always ready if they need.)

- 0.5M will be set as a education fund for both my younger brothers. (Fund will allow them to complete their highest level of education if they can. Part of the fund will also be used as capital for them if they r interested in setting up their own career.)

- 0.5M will be set as leisure fund for my family. ( Will buy a black BMW 7series for my dad. Will get a red MINI Cooper S each for both my brothers. Will buy a gold MINI Cooper S Cab JCW edition for myself. Will bring my buddies out for a gd meal, either having kobe steaks in japan or salmons in Norway. End with a 3 months trip to Europe with family, my dear and brother's gf.)

- 2M will be set as a housing fund for both me n dear. ( Will buy a condo unit. Penthouse unit prefered. Prefered to be located near to the coastal line as it will be more convenient for us to go sailing as we haf plans in buying a yatch. Interior deco and designs will be all decided by dear. She will haf the final say.)

- 4M will be safe kept in a bank with the highest interest. ( Interest earned monthly will be used as daily expense. However, i will be still working daily as per normal.)

Well, tats wat my 8M plan is all about. Lets hope tat i will strike big tml nite ! Huat ar!


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