Saturday, August 02, 2008


Its a beautiful Saturday man. Weather is so gd and i am happily waiting to go off in showroom. But not going home n slack but to report for my RT session!! Song bo???

Well, i would to share a story with my reader about a true story happened on a typical Sillyporean.Here it goes:

One day, Ah Huat was walking along Orchard Road after leaving his office to end his tiring day. He was dragging his heavy feets to the nearest mrt station to catch a train home to see his pretty gf. As u guys noe tat there are quite a few of street performers performing along orchard road. No matter its those handicapped performers playing musical instruments or those youngsters doing break dances, they actaully liven the whole orchard road. Wats tat gonna do with Ah Huat? He dun blow........the trumpet. Neither he squeese....those cute ballons for kids.Well, as he was walking past a man on his wheel chair who was singing one of his fav hokkien song, he stopped and looked at the handicapped and somehow he felt so touched. Without any hesitation, he dug his pocket and donated one of his $1 gold coin into the donation box (fyi ah huat is a typical classic sillyporean who rather spend his last one dollar on 4D then to donate to charity or wat so ever). Feeling happy after donating to the man on wheels, he continue walk to the train station. Guess wat? Before Ah Huat could walk for 2metres, he saw a $2 note dropping down in front of his very eyes! Song bo? Ah huat picked the note up and ask himself. Due to his basic instinct, he quickly looked out for the serial numbers on the note itself and rushed to the nearest 4D booth to buy tat "Special Given" number. In his heart, Ah Huat was thinking:

"Nabei! Shoud haf donate $50 sia! Mayb i will get $100 instead! KNN!! @$#%^#!!!!"

Yah.....Typical Sillyporean. So in the end did Ah Huat ganna Top prize 4D for number he bought according to the serial numbers on the $2 note? Well, we got to wait for the result tonite then. Hoooo~~

(Entry based on a true story happened less then 24 hrs ago)

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