Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back to Work!

Good morning angels.

Back to showroom after a day rest. Woke up early today for my drifting lesson @ YCK. Comments given by instructor were not bad. He said tat i shdnt haf any problem on thursday if i am careful enough. Hahaha. I am happy with tat oso. Juz hope tat it wont rain (pray to Ti Gong). Juz 2 more days to go... I juz cant wait~

Back to work again. Haf to finish a few tasks for Lawrence today. Haf to complete the preparation for static display on this Thursday. Eventhough i am on leave, i still need to cum back at nite to help up with the set up. No choice sia. If i refuse to cum dwn, Lawrence will b quite tiring. Now then i noe i am tat committed to work sia!!

Higher pay please !!!
Higher commission please !!!
More off days please !!!

Yes.. I am dreaming again.. Okok.. Lets get back to work now.

Bye angels.

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