Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lazy Mini Day!

Happy Wednesday folkz!

Look wat i haf found~
This is one of the outstanding colour combination i found. Pepper white mini with red hot racing stripes. Its so outstanding sia. Haha. But i heard tat pepperwhite version is no longer in production. Wat a waste! Thats one of the ideal colour sia!

Any Beta lovers here? Haha.. This is a very gd concept. Having a beta swimming in the blue paint. Unique indeed. Its damn hard to find such gd concept in sillypore. Wat we can see here are juz those normal conservative designs. If not, the most common ones are those on Ah Bengs' cars like "fire flame", "Rally Art" or wat so ever. U call those Design? Wahahaha! Laugh until front tooth drop sia!

No offence. Tats my 5 cent worth of review. Cheerz.

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