Friday, June 29, 2007

Movie Night with Botak Wills & Maggie Mee

Finally its Friday! Hahaha. Tml will be weekends again. Actually nothing to be happy abt cos i still haf to work on weekends. Damn! But i am much more willing to work on weekends than on week days cos it is more busy and sales turn out to will be better. I wont get so bored too. =)

Alright, i will be watching Die Hard 4 tonite with dear. Juz booked the tickets online. I haf watched the first few series so this latest part 4 is a muz watch! I guess it wont be a boring show like "Man in white" (I fell asleep after watching for 15mins. Sweet dreamz sia)....
Starring by Bruce Willis and not to miss out the ultimate chio bu, Maggie Q ! OMG! Hehehe... Got hard core actions and such a hot model, wat excuses can be given for not watching man?!?!?!

It is worth watching this 2 hrs movie on a Friday night eventhough tickets are much more expensive. How often can we haf this type of mega production with big explosions, ppl jumping dwn frm buildings or airplanes? Not very often man. This is wat we call a good movie cos we actually enjoy it through the whole show! Not like those shows where those casts juz walk or shout ard in the show.
Dun waste money on such show sia!

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