Sunday, July 01, 2007

Hostel II

Starting of a new month again man! The start of many new things such as the 7% thingy. LoL. I guess not many people are concern abt that cos they are loded in their pockets. Anyway, i am 300 bucks richer today . U shd noe why. :)

Let mi share with u all a movie tat i haf watched weeks ago. I guess many ppl were familiar with the movie "Hostel". But i haf nvr watch it b4. Instead, i watched "Hostel II". This movie is not screen in sillypore yet and will onli be out in end july or august. Eventhough i haf never watched the part one b4, i gt no problem understanding the movie cos.........It is damn GROSS! Actually i dun care abt the storyline, its the scenes tat are much more entertaining in this movie!
Produced by Quentin Tarantino who is oso the master of my fav movie, "Kill bill". This uncle is really gd in producing such bloody and meaty show man! Meaty as in not those fat or muscule stars in the movie but the ways he presented tat how human meat can be tortured. (But there are quite a few of bimbos in the show) Sounds gross rite? Wait till u watch tat show then u noe the great impact. Of cos, this show will b "R" rated. So sorry for kids below 21.

Personally i haf watched "Kill Bill" part 1 & 2 for more than 10 times but i never sick of the movie! Hahaha. It juz like those freeks tat watch "Titanic" so many times. Mayb its the passion for the movie & the director. Scenes like blood splashing and arms or heads gana cut off are very common in the movie. Hahaha. I guess some ppl already wan to vomit now !

Anyway, its a resfreshing show to watch if u are tired of those "i love u, u love mi" type of movies. This movie will definitely be a special & remarkable one for u. =)

Always remember tat Revenge is not juz a funny thing, its a sweet thing oso. =)

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