Monday, July 09, 2007

- Out For Drive -

Finally i haf my off day after such a tiring week! It is a lazy monday morning sia. Sleep till 10am until dad wake mi up to go pick my bro from his camp. Of cos, i drove to Changi Naval Base with my dad n my MUM. LOL...

We went for a simple lunch after tat at AMK. Bought my 4D after meal so no need to worry tat i will forget to buy. Hehehe. Tonite still gt TOTO sia! Wahaha... Anyway, the highlight for the day onli take place after lunch. We went to the Subaru showroom @ TPY for some viewing cos i was keen in one design over there.

Let mi post some pics for better understanding :

Subaru R1

Subaru R2

Yes my folks. There are all tiny small car. Onli 600cc+. Cant run fast with its highest speed of 140km/hr. LOL. Personally i prefer the R1. A 3 doors tiny car with very limited space inside. There r 2 back seats at the back but.... Trust me, u wont wan to sit behind! The spacre is really too small. My mum says tat the back space is onli enough to but 2 doggies behind but not human beings! LOL. I ganna scolded selfish for liking tat car! DAMN !@@##@#$$#

As for the R2, it is slightly more spacious of its additional 2 doors. But it looks very odd to me! I juz dun like the front look. Look like a Honda jazz front the front. The back is even worse gt it looks like it haf a bigh fat ass! LOL.

However the FC for both car is really very friendly. That salesman said tat full tank is ard 30 litre whereby u onli need to top up twice a month. Hmmm.. I dun take that as a point as it might not be true for ppl who drive daily. Another plus point is the road tax. Cost les than 500 bucks each yr. Far Far more cheaper than a MINI. Overall R1 is a suitable for someone who need a car to drive ard easily, not for those who wan to race or perform. R1 will fit the bill of a new driver like mi, Its juz becos of the "selfish" which my mum said. Hahaha. Shall short list another few more cars before making the decision.

I shall stop here. Gonna wash up and prepare to fetch dear for dinner. Bye folks!

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