Friday, July 27, 2007

The NEW Adventure of Hairy Poter

Well.... I actually thought of the latest Hairy Poter show while i was shiiting in the toilet this afternoon. How cum so many ppl like to watch tat movie huh? Izzit really damn gd? I onli watched the first 2 series then i totally give up on it. LOL..... No Offence man! I noe tat there r many other ppl who r crazy over that hairy boy with his small little wand. LOL... I dun gif a damn! So, in order to follow the "trend", i came out with my own Hairy Poter adventure. Let mi show u folks some pics...

Hahaha.... Hows the pic? Hope u folks enjoy my craps! I noe many ppl will commet tat i am too bo liao. But think of it this way, not everyone is able to come out with such ideas and concepts sia! Dun envy mi. =)

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