Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bored To the MAX!

Bored... Really damn bored. This is the 2nd day whereby i am alone in the show room. Less than 5 ppls walk in per day. Haha. Can u imagine how bad izzit rite? The power of the number "7" (7% GST) is really damn powerful. Tired of surfing online, tired of playing my psp. No ppl to talk to somemore. Haf to talk to myself in the show room. Can u imagine how bored i am ? Now i am waiting for my break @ 1700hr cos at least i can go out and haf a walk.

Hope tat dear will cum dwn later at least i gt ppl to tok to. Hahaha. The show room seem to b very cold eventhough i am wearing a blazzer now. Mayb too few ppl walk in ba. LOL. Lucky i haf a pot of hot chinese tea with mi. Hehehe. Drink hot tea while blogging! NAP! Dun envy mi sia! Wait till u bcome so bored then u will noe the feeling man!

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