Sunday, July 15, 2007

Laziness Is my Happiness

Haf not been blogging for the past few days. Well, not tat i was too busy with work, the truth is tat i was busy with food and slacking. LOL. Hahha.

Yestaerday was my wkend off for the month. I was happy tat i did something meaningful for the day. I managed to go dwn to CPF Board ALONE early in the morning despite it was a Saturday when i can roll in bed till late . Went dwn to the branch @ Bishan to settle for my education loan which i took when i was studying in my poly. Was really turned off by the female staff who served mi ! Damn! I told her tat i wan to noe whether i can pay the rest of my loan in one whole lum sum on the spot but she juz gave mi a form to fill and walked away without telling mi wat to do. WTF!!! I already haf that form sia so wats the purpose? I was there to pay up man! Wan to give money but she dun wan? KNN! this type of ppl really hinder the earth to revolve sia!

However, i managed to get hold of another guy staff who taught mi wat to do. He told me tat i can onli pay by giving them a cashier order together with tat form. No choice lor. So i quickly went to the nearest bank to pay for a cashier order. In the end i managed to hand in everything to him. Asked him to check properly cos i dun wan to go back there again. He said tat CPF Board will take 2 wks to process it and deduct frm my bank. Thanx dude! I hope tat everything will go well so i no need to pay monthly frm next month onwards! Finally i cleared my debt!

Other meaningful thing tat i did was to bring dear and her mum for dinner in the evening. It was auntie's birthday so dear and mi decided to treat her a great feast @ a well known chinese resturant. Hahaha. Its was really a great feast man! 3 fellows ate up to $160. Nap!

Yes. Tml will be my off day again. LOL. Dun envy. And dun curse mi oso. Will be another car viewing session with dad @ Suzuki showroom tml noon if time persist. Dear will b happy to go along if she is not working. Dun worry , i will grap the lastest Swift catalog for u. Hehehe. Juz wait patiently ba. Now its onli the choosing of colour. Its either blue or dark grey. Or mayb ur favourite white. Who noes? Wahahaha... Update tml then. Time to pack up and go home sia!!!


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