Saturday, July 07, 2007

Saturday Nite Supper

Well, i am still in the showroom waiting to pack up and go. Still left with 45mins to go. Once again i am working full shift today and so is tml. Hahaha. Alone in Showroom is really terrible. Lucky tat today is a saturday whereby there were more walk-ins in the afternoon. Onli manage to sell one recliner today. Haiz.. When can i get back my supper selling streak again!??!?! Haf to wait till September i guess. This month is gone due to the increase of GST. August will b doomed oso as its will be the Chinese Hungry Ghost lunar month. Not many ppl will purchase furniture in that month. Lets pray for the best!!

Anyway, will be meeting dear later. Haf to go home to wash up first then drive to fetch her from her place. Going to haf some pratas for supper. Mayb go Thomson or Jalan Kayu. Not too far away. Enough of food, i am getting hungry man! Hahaha. Gonna log out soon. Can start my packing up liao~


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