Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wat a week!

Wah.. Now then i noe tat i haf not been blogging for almost a week. No wonder some of my loyal readers are making complains on my tag board man! So sorry abt tat. I was abit busy with work. Business wasnt tat great from starting of the month. Luckily it shot up on last weekend. LOL. Cold sweat sia. Managed to cover the low sales period. all thankz tothe newspaper advertisement which lawrence put up on las Saturday. If not for that, we will be grazing grass next month. No joke!

Ok. Tats enough abt work. Dun noe whether its coincidence or wat, another happen thing happen to mi on ast Saturday nite. Tats was, i was presented m first parking offence! Glad tat i m no longer a virgin in parking offences. Damn! Was going for a move with dear @ Amk Hub.

I noe u all will ask " why u nvr park in Amk Hub sia? " .....

U noe why? Cos i shiok mah! Damn! @!#@$#%$#%^$^%$!!!!!!

Its all my fault lah. At first i thought tat it was quite late already and somemore i recce the place and found out tat many ppl oso nvr put coupons. So Ando see, Ando do lor... In the end ganna a 30bucks fine. Wat to do? Treat it as a lesson then. Lucky tat this offence wont deduct any of points. Heng sia, mi new bird, onli 12 points this yr man! Tor long tor long sia!

Thought tat can save money on transport if i drive out for a late movie. who noes tat end up paying more~ LoL~ Not worth it rite? Bo bian. Its my stupid mistake so i haf to admit. No more next time. I haf aready bought another coupon booklet juz to stand by tat i will run out of it. Any way i still prefer those cash card carkpark. Much more convenient and ppl wont haf the chance to "cheat" the authorities. Win Win situation, gd rite?

Toking abt the movie session last Saturday with dear, we watched the new show, not "Hairy Poter" but "Vacancy". Vacancy was so called a thrill & horror movie. It is someting similar to the movie "Hitcher". It was abt a couple whose vehiclebroke dwn on the highway late in the night so they haf no choice but to stay over nite at the near by motel. (Quite kinky rite? LOL) Tats when all the killing part came in. Personally i like the part where the couple watched the video tapes in their bedroom (nowaday still gt ppl watch VEEEEDEO tape meh?) Its really made mi haf abit of cold sweat.

Imagine tat u and ur love one are watching tape in a room whereby the video is abt a rape + murder case n the worst ting is tat the whole crime actually take place in the same room where u all r staying in! Nap rite? Interesting man! Eventhough "Vacancy" is rated as a Grade B production, i enjoyed it man! I think Hairy Poter oso no fight. Its too boring! Saved money lah, dun pay 9bucks to see tat hairy kid play with his so called magic ward lah! Kaoz!

Alright. Enough of movie liao. Tonite will b happy hour after work! Meeting with my braz for supper session @ Newton. Quite long time since we last gather for a tok cock session. Strictly Men's talk tonite man! Juz hope tat it wont rain tonite then everything will go well. Shall update with pics again if there are. LOL.

Take care folks!

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