Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Prawn Mee + Durians + Austin

Well.... juz came back from my weekly off day. Quite meaningful as got to drive on the public road after i got my driving license last week. Set forth from my house in my dad's new civic and not missing out the passengers : dad ,mum & bro (all very unwillingly to get in the car). Dad was quite confident in my driving however he was caught by my bro that he keep holding on to the handbar by the side! LOL. Guess he was even more excited than me! Driving on the road was quite relaxing for me as i dun feel stressful or nervous eventhough i was first time driving tat car. However mum was too scared that she actually brought 2 pillows and cover her face as i drive!

@@#%@#*&@#$% !!!!!

She said tat she shd haf taken some sleeping pills before the ride... Wat the...... But i proved her wrong man! Wahahha. I show her tat i am a safe driver during the journey.
My first stop was to David works Garage located @ Bedok industrial park to view tat 1978 Austin Mini (as in the pic on right ). It was near to 30 years old car but it is still as sweet as ever. I noe many ppl will say tat i am mad. Why get this scrap piece of metal when new cars are so cheap nowadays? Its the passion man. =) Anyway, i discard the idea of getting tat car cos the engine compartment was not really tat well mantained. Dad was there to advise that we can find one with better condition. Yes. I am not in a hurry so it shdnt b a problem. Juz take my time. (Dear muz be happy to noe tat i am not buying tat! =p)

Time for lunch. We went to kallang to haf the famous Prawn king noodles man! Weather was damn hot so haf to sweat like the tap as we ate. But still worth it lah. Mayb theyshd think of air conditioned the whole place. LOL. Can use that as a reason to increase the price oso! Cunning!

Due to the craving for durains, we went bugis street to get some gd durains as well as praying in the chinese temple there. Was rather crowded eventhough it was a monday. Bought some tibits oso (which i am munching them in show room now! )

It was a day to remember as it was the first time i drove my family ard. Too bad my another bro miss out the fun. Mayb i shall drive him out for pratas soon.

Alright.. I shall go for my break now. Toking about pratas make mi feel hungry sia!


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