Saturday, July 07, 2007

Transformers - MINI In The Sky !

Juz came back frm the movie "Transformers" with dear. Well, it was a great show as we got to see robots fighting in the air and wrestling on land !! Very entertaining indeed. To me, the show was trying to tell we human beings that eventhough the Transformers are so huge and powerful, they still need to depend on us (tiny little ants) when they are in some difficult situations. Sound not very logic hor? Hahaha. Its juz a movie anyway. So we can conclude that the winners not really are those BIG ONES everytime. Its was the first time i saw a robot pee (while standing somemore!) !!!! Errr... They onli come in male version ar? No female version? That will be so sad! Life as a robot is so mono!

Throughout the show, i keep asking myself how come there are no MINIs that can transform into power Transformers? Izzit
tat MINIS are really tat tiny? Or izzit tat they onli haf 2 doors so their weapons will be very limted? LOL.... Rubbish! U never heard of "瘦瘦一只骨 功夫看不出" ???

@#$$%$#@ !!!!!

Let mi show u how a MINI-transformer will look like !

CheckMate Version?

Or England Flag version?

Or even the America Flag version?

Sorry folks.. No Sillypore Version.

Anyway, it was really a enjoyable show to watch on a friday nite. Guess i haf completed all those "Must Watch" movie so far. Mayb we shd watch the Korean show by Shu Qi on monday. Hehehe.. Chio Bu so haf to 捧捧场 !!!

Thats all folks. Wait for my next review man!

Transformers - MINI In The Sky !

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