Thursday, June 28, 2007

D.K Tan

" GooD Work D.K Tan ! "

Yes guys!

Finally i passed my TP this early morning @ 8.30am @ SSDC. What a close shave! I haf been waiting for this day since the first day of my driving lesson.

I was quite nervous and stiff for my warm up session b4 the test. I was thinking tat i was gone case for the test liao. Confident level was really damn low and that wasnt the worse. Wait till the time when all the test takers pick up the ping pong ball to decide their test route.

Guess wat?

I ganna the test route 8.. Damn. Test route 8 was so call to be the most challenging test route which means many students fail in the test. Once i saw tat figure"8", my heart was like....... Doomed~ The rest of the students all stared @ me when they heard tat i ganna test route 8. WTF !

Luckily everything went well in the circuit. No mistake at all. Wait till to the road driving outside the school. Traffic was not that congested eventhough it was during peak hour whereby many sillyporeans were rushing for work. I managed to drive through smoothly and SAFELY through the test route and back to school. Pheeeee......

Anyway, i am happy tat i managed to pass my TP on my first attempt. Hope that my younger brother can pass his 2nd TP soon. =)

Thanx Dear for ur great support. I shall drive u to haf supper at Geylang soon! Supper again~ =P

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